Angel Francheterre was born in Nevada in 1971. Her talent and love for painting was passed on to her by her grandmother who gave Angel her first painting lesson when she was 5 years old. Angel was first moved by nature’s beauty when as a teenager her mom and dad relocated to the beautiful high-mountain town of Pinetop, AZ. After moving to Phoenix, AZ, she started painting Arizona’s landscapes on canvas and it was at the end of an inspiring trip to majestic Yosemite that she painted her first rock as a thank you gift for her friend and host Sharon.

At the age of 20 Angel met and fell in love with a Frenchman and romance convinced her to pack a suitcase and move to a small apartment 20 miles from Giverny, France, the village where Claude Monet used to live and paint. Angel’s relaxing walks in the beautifully flowered and wild fields of Normandy and her numerous trips to Paris and The Louvre, spending hours admiring splendid masterpieces from the greatest painters, continued to renew her passion for art.

In 1991 Angel married her ‘Frenchman’ and in a small Mediterranean village met Danielle, her mother in law and lifelong artist who introduced her to the art of mosaic, pottery and painting on silk. Since then, and for the past 20 years, Angel has traveled back and forth between the calm and colorful Lavender fields of Provence and the majestic landscapes of Arizona.

Painting on rocks is Angel’s way to witness magnificent natural landscapes and she hopes that by humbly displaying God’s glorious creations, each rock will somehow be a blessing for its owner.

The village of Fos sur Mer, where Angel met Danielle, her mother in Law
Angel at work in her studio in Gilbert, AZ